Thursday, June 22, 2006

CD Review: Halifax, The Inevitability Of A Strange World

There are some amazing debut albums coming out this year, and this one leads the pack in a major way. Halifax's highly anticipated debut album The Inevitability Of A Strange World is out, and out with a bang! The band's website boasts a million visitors, and shows nearly a half a million plays of their first track from the album, "Nightmare" and almost 400,000 plays of their song "Anthem For Tonight", also from this new CD. They have a strong influence from the band Nine Inch Nails, as well as the Foo Fighters to reggae to Children of Bodom. “It’s almost like the music we listen to doesn’t necessarily shape our sound, as much as it helps to express what we are feeling,” says Hunau.

Front man Mike Hunau, guitarists Chris Brandt and Adam Charles, bassist Doug Peyton and drummer Tommy Guindon comprise this irreverent group of party animal rockers, and booze swilling as they may be, this group rocks with a flavor and a flair that earns them the right to be as boldly blazon in their offstage rituals as they choose! The energy and power in "Better Than Sex" showcases their mainstream capabilities, as well as highlights the reasons for such a loyal and strong following that they enjoy. The melding of Rock, Punk, a touch of Emo that is what songs like "Such A Terrible Trend" and "Murder I Wrote" bring to mind, in a way that few bands are able to portray in today's music scene.

From the moment this band stepped out on stage in Austin and the TV cameras brought them into America's music focus, these guys have been destined to make some powerful music. The website puts it in a way that makes perfect sense...
From the coke-binge-gone-wrong theatrics of “Snow In Hollywood” to the stunning snarl of “Promise Me A Tragedy,” Hunau says most of the tunes in the Halifax songbook first germinate when he and Brandt collaborate. “It’s usually us coming up with a skeleton of a song and the lyrics and then we’re bringing it to the table and showing everyone what our version of it is,” he says. “And then everyone works on it together.” As frustrating as a rock democracy can be – Hunau says the sequencing of the disc was laborious due to disagreements – it’s this teamwork that eventually found the group a home on the infamous Drive-Thru Records label.

This debut album on Drive-Thru Records is sure to be the vehicle to launch a lasting career with some very highly sought songs to come. A definite must add to any collection, an excellent album of today's sounds.

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