Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CD Review: Teenage Graffiti, The Pink Spiders

Talk about a highly anticipated album! Teenage Graffiti by The Pink Spiders has fans all over the world pining for more. With a proposed final release date of June 27, these guys have teased fans for sometime now, and little wonder, this is righteous rock.

The new CD has garnered more than half a million plays on their MySpace.com site, from only two songs. "Little Razorblade" and "Modern Swingers" have been up lighting up the net as highly played songs, The bands MySpace boasts nearly 60,000 friends listed, which is more than "kinda good"!

This CD will be the band's first major label release, Suretone and Geffen Records have what looks to be quite a hit on their hands. Punk music with dance rhythm and pop words, what a dangerous mix this could be. Band members Matt Friction:Vocals/Guitar, Jon Decious:Bass, and Bob Ferrari: "World's Greatest Drummer" (according to the website!) have been named as one of Alternative Press' "100 Bands you need to know in 2006.”

After storming onto the Nashville scene, they quickly made on iconoclastic statement with their pink and jet-black apparel and dark shades. The punkish side to these guys embraces the anarchy of binge drinking, wild parties and loose women, and the pop side sings to all the teenage girls of the world with a dance beat. It is kind of like the Sex Pistols meet Iggy Pop and do Buddy Holly.

"Soft Smoke" is an anarchists anthem with words like "these New York City police are all fuckin' liars", where are the Ramones when you need them. Punching you in the face with the fist pounding sound of a band way beyond its years, this stuff could cause a revival in that crazy sound I embraced in the seventies, and it actually has a musical quality to it for a change!

"Saturday Night Riot" starts off with much of that Pop feel, even shades of David Bowie pulsate from this one, with harmonies that ring from bands of the late 60's, wow, such depth from guys who proclaim their own shallowness. Iggy himself would have had a toe tapping to "Hollywood Fix", even with its talk of chain smoking and binge drinking, you fall into the Pop and dance feel of the beat and shake your head in agreement as if to say "Hell yeah, let's get drunk!!" Come to think of it, this CD makes partying sound like the fun it was when i was a kid. (Oh shit, hide this from my son.)

All jokes aside, this is just plain good music with a great feel, maybe a little riot like on the message, but isn't that a part of growing up a rocker?

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