Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Korner Stoned The Alexis Korner Anthology 1954-1983

Man I wanted to grab a dobro and start wailing away with this guy! Without the influence of Alexis Korner, nothing in regards to British blues, much less Rock and Roll itself, would be anything like it is today. Often called "The Godfather of British Blues", Alexis was a major factor in the musical styles and careers of artists such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Art Wood, Ronnie Wood, Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Chris Farlowe, Graham Bond, Duffy Power, and Robert Plant, the list goes on like a royal family tree of modern music.

This two disc set contains a wealth of musical diamonds seldom found in one place, from the first song Midnight Special to a duet with a twenty year old Robert Plant in Steal Away, the music is a fantastic ride through time and the making of a genre. Disc one's final song Mighty-Mighty Spade and Whitey is straight from the Equal Rights Movement, listening to this song conjures up thoughts from a time when hope was just burgeoning, led primarily by musicians. Wow, the memories poured over me as each and every song caressed the very earliest of my thoughts of growing up with all of the wonders that a modern era of music had to offer.

Disc two starts off with a collaboration of Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham, and Dixon by C.C.S., Korner's Big Band sound from this group belts out Whole Lotta Love like no others could. Tap Turns On The Water is the second track, another by C.C.S.- short for Collective Conscious Society, Korner's son reminisces,
"Dad loved big band music, he'd always wanted to have a big band of his own," remembers Damian Korner. "He'd paid his dues and at last he could do what he wanted. He could have his fill of sax sections, three guitars and double bass-drum kits. Dad had absolutely no trouble doing it."

Also included on this disc is an unforgettable rendition of Ooh Wee Baby from Live On Tour In Germany. The second disc focuses on the years 1970 through 1983, and while I love this stuff as well, I was most partial to disc one and the early years. This Anthology is a must add to any real collection of music that influenced Blues and Rock and Roll in general. Mostly it is just a must have to dip back into some really good times


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