Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kansas CD/DVD Anthology Works In Progress

Unbelievable works of art never fade. Kansas brought so much more to the table than simply a new sound of Rock and Roll in the '70's. The band's innate ability to rock the music world, with never before heard sounds of a rocker's violin along with shades of progressive rock, led to one of the most successful American Progressive Rock bands ever.

This combination CD, DVD set is a true tribute to the band's history. It covers 10 years of sound, from 1992 to 2002, a third of the band's history, but a thorough representation of the band's growth and changes. The CD focuses on the studio and live albums, Freaks Of Nature, Live At The Whiskey, and Always Never The Same. The DVD adds a look at Device Voice Drum, a very cool robotic music machine opens hat part up, as well as some of the best live footage of Kansas ever recorded at the legendary Whiskey A Go-Go in L.A.
Also included are two all time favorites, Hold On and Dust In The Wind, both remixed to 5.1 Surround Sound.

I truly enjoyed reminiscing while listening to the CD, songs such as Song For America, Black Fathom and Portrait, took me back in time to the places I was when listening to this band in my twenties, good times at that. I must admit that the DVD is by far the mainstay of this Duo, the live performance at The Whiskey will blow you away! Such energy and passion from a band that was already 20 years in the making, it showed a revival of spirit not many bands get to face. While drummer Phil Ehart, and vocalist Steve Walsh rock on in their standard full bore form, replacement violinist/guitarist, David Ragsdale, is absolutely amazing with his lightening speed and stunning licks, you have to see this to remember it!

Set to release on May 23rd through Compendia Music Group, this set is sure to storm back onto the scene. Drummer Phil Ehart explains that several factors were taken into account when selecting the songs featured on Works In Progress

"technical aspects were a main consideration in choosing songs from Live At The Whisky. The band on Live At The Whiskey rocked hard. We wanted tracks that reflected that aggressiveness," Ehart says. "Regarding the classic material, we've got some hits and some good obscure gems in this collection, too."

Along with the release set for May, the band plans on backing that up with a full tour schedule in 2006 to promote Works In Progress. For the latest Kansas news, log onto for updated tour dates etc.
And as always, Carry On My Wayward Sons!!!

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